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Board & Subsections

The board of the Belgian Society for Maxillofacial and Head and Neck Surgery (BSOMFS HN) is composed of two sections. On the one hand, a scientific section and on the other, a section dedicated of defending our specialty and profession. The treasurers and webmaster serve both sections, as does the Dutch- and French-speaking Trainee representatives.

Overarching body BSOMFS-HN

Blaise Kovacs

President BSOMFS-HN

Christophe Spaas

Vice-President BSOMFS-HN

Constantinus Politis

Secretary BSOMFS-HN

Section scientific association

Geert Van Hemelen

President scientific society section

Yves Gillon

Vice-president scientific society section

Edmond Lahy

Secretary scientific society section

Section professional association

Blaise Kovacs

President section professional interest advocacy

Jan Van de Perre

Vice-president section professional interest advocacy

Christophe Spaas

Secretary section professional interest advocacy

Treasurers & webmaster

Constantinus Politis

Treasurer scientific society section

Nathalie Neyt

Treasurer section professional interest advocacy

Benjamin Denoiseux

Webmaster BSOMFS-HN

Trainee representatives

Cyril Bouland

Representative of French-speaking MACCS/ASO

Tomas-Marijn Croonenborghs

Representative of Dutch-speaking MACCS/ASO

Councellors International Organisations

Herman Jr. Vercruysse

Treasurer EBOMFS

Blaise Kovacs

President EBOMFS

Gwen Swennen

Councellor IAOMFS

Geert Van Hemelen

Councellor EACMFS

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