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Spring meeting BVMKA-HH / ABCOMF-TC - The orbit: About our partners


The working of our association BVMKA-HH / ABCOMF-TC and this Spring meeting  would not be possible without the outstanding collaboration we have with our partners and helping us in our quest for innovation and maintaining highest standards of quality for our patients. Do you want to know what they are specialised in? Find more information on them here. 

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Aanpassing Nomenclatuur Orthopantonogram (OPG) / Modification nr nomenclature orthopantonogramme


KB wijziging assistentie ikv ingesloten elementen / AR modifiant l'assistance des éléments impactés


15th Assessment of the European Board in OMFS (EBOMFS)

Please take part to the RQ European Board assessment in Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery which will be held in Rome 13th-15th September…

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